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am trying to download spyware onto daughter's phone -- I need to be able to see what and when she is texting. She's 16 and headed for trouble! What spyware can/should I use? She erases texts after reading or sending. I need to keep her safe.

thanks for input.


  • BREW can not have spyware downloaded onto it sorry, but try this, threaten your daughter with turning her texts off if she doesnt show you what shes sending, then cross check them with the numbers she texted and that you can see on Verizon.
  • or learn better parenting techniques. the more you spy on her the more she'll hide from you.
  • At least thats what I did with my parents, lol good point Cody.
  • Seconded, Kline. Track her with the bill and make her show you the contents, making sure to check the site for any gaps. You can also track her location (not sure if it is silent or not) with the Chaperone Parent / Family Locator thing.

    However, there is no substitute for communicating your concerns to her in a calm and nice manner.
  • communication communication communication
    useful (perhaps) links i found:
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