Has anyone tried Kin Twom?

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My 2-year contract ends at 2/22/11 which is about 3 months away so I was looking through the verizon website. I couldn't help but notice the Kin two which i have not seen (but with research I found out that it was released as smart phone about 6 months ago). The review on youtube was 6 months old so I could not get accurate opinion as a feature phone rather than smartphone. With wi-fi and no data plan required, I think I would rather enjoy the phone. So my question is, How is the phone compared to env touch and would you recommend it?


  • A quick Google search shows many articles about Microsoft cancelling the Kin. I would stay far away... I think there are Windows 7 phones coming out soon, if that's part of your intrest in the Kin.
  • but I'm not looking for smart phone. All I really need is frequent email check and weather sometimes with good battery life. Env-touch is pretty good at this but battery life is just unbearable...
  • I think Verizon has a return policy if you don't like the phone, not sure how long it is. You could always try it out for a few days and see if it's what you want. I don't have any personal experience, just going off what I've heard and read.
  • 30 days I would assume. Yeah I guess I could do that. Is there better option among feature phone though??
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