VZ Navigator and New firmware questions

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Hi all,

I don't really post but I am an avid reader of most discussions on this forum. My question today is regarding VZ Navigator. I never did upgrade from version 4 due in fact to some of the horror stories of the phones being bricked or other problems related to the upgrades. I used BitPim a long time ago to get VZ Nav and use it a lot. Every time I load it up now it tells me that an upgrade is ready to download, but I press decline every time for fear of Verizon finding out I have it. So I guess I have 2 questions. 1) Is it safe to update VZ Nav and still not have Verizon know I have it, and 2) if I were to upgrade firmware versions to any of the newer ones, which should I update to and would I have to reinstall VZ Nav using bitpim once I updated the firmware?

Thank You for your input and for all of the informative threads I have found on this forum.
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