LG-VX11000 Home Brew; Is it possible?

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For all you enV Touch fans, would anyone know how or if a home brew could be made for the enV touch? I've done much exploration of my phone and found many road blocks in my path to making a home brew. The main problem for my quest is file formatting, I don't know any such programs that could edit some of the formats on the phone, such as .pvf files, .0O1 files, .bar files, etc. I'm looking for persons to help create a decent and successful home brew application for the enV Touch, even if minor bugs or ticks might be in the output. Is there anyone who can help or be involved with this project? Please respond or email me at jocopa3@gmail.com


  • Home brew on this type of phone would be virtually impossible.

    1. The phone has not been completely hacked yet and what hacks have been found all use overwriting of flash files (themes, etc).

    2. All the apps on this phone are encrypted to each phone so apps cannot be transferred from phone to phone.

    3. This phone will probably never get hacked because there is very little interest to hack it. In a couple years this phone will be gone in history and believe me no one will be nostalgic for this phone.

    My advice is to forget hacking this phone because sooner or later you will probably buy a smartphone that can do everything. I was once like you and was always trying to hack my Motorola flip phone but then I just gave up because the phones are just not worth that much effort.
  • It is possible, working on solution, don't ask me questions, I'll get it done when I get it done.
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