Droid X Early Upgrade

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I am wanting the droid x for christmas, and i got my env touch of august 2009. Can I pay $199.00 for the phone and upgrade? Thanks!


  • I don't know, why don't you ask Verizon? You know, the ones you actually buy the phone from.
  • I doubt it. I got my phone around May or June and 2 year contract ends at 2/22/11. You can now check for the date on verizonwireless account if you are the one who's paying the bill I believe.
  • Same here, but Verizon is giving me a chance for an early upgrade to get a Droid since September because I have less than a year, talk to Verizon. Contract ends somewhere in February.
  • If you get the DX Come to where I live now:
    Very informative but I miss the people here. The DX has a much bigger audience and therefor a lot of n00bs asking the same stupid questions every day.
    The people here (at least when I was here regularly, I haven't visited in a long time) were for more informative.

    The xforums are good too, but you just have to weed through a LOT of stuff to find what you're looking for.
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