Charger Problem. Please help

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Recently I went to verizon in complaint about my phone charger not working right. They told me it was not the chargers problem, and it was the internal plugin in the phone that was messed up, and it should charge once I get a new one.

Several days later I got my new one, and still the charger will not work!

A friend gave me a charger of theirs for a samsung phone, but when I plug it in, it states that "this cable is not recommended for this phone". will this damage my phone if I continue to use this cable?


  • It depends, if you watch your phone and don't let it overcharge it should be fine, if you don't really watch it, you could overcharge the phone and damage the battery. BTW I used a Motorola Droid charger to charge my phone and I get that message all the time. Unplug the phone every hr or so to check the battery level.
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