Car Charger Polarity

So my car charger wires pulled out of the mini USB connector. And I know that the car charger only has two wires connected to the USB connector. I opened up the housing that the mini USB connector was in and I see there are only two solder connections. There is not enough evidence to know for certain which wire was soldered to which solder connection. So the question is this: Does polarity matter? Since one wire connects to the button part of the car charger that is inserted into the cigarette lighter receptacle and the other connects to the side part of the car charger, does it matter to the phone what direction the juice flows through the phone? Just trying to save some money but do not want to take the 50/50 chance of frying something.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


  • Hmm , you should be okay if you make sure the wires dont come into contact, so if u do choose to solder, make sure you DO NOT CROSS THE WIRES
  • Don't cross the streams.
    Why not?
    It would be bad.
    Define "bad."
  • "bad" meaning if you cross the streams your phone could catch fire as well with your charger, when you cross the streams, the positing/negative charges wont react well and will cause the charger to malfunction, trust me i know this, you can put the wires anywhere back on the cable but you just cant cross the streams, use electrical tape to prevent that from happening.
    I'm very good with technology and no I'm not a nerd, I've had a lot of experience with electrical appliances and i learned if you cross two wires that come from a source that provides the power will cause the electricity to back fire which causes heating up and possibly smoke or fire.
  • So nobody got my obscure Ghostbusters reference? We're all a little nerdy if we're posting on here about hacking our phones!
  • No i got your Ghost Busters reference haha
    but im far from "nerd" i havnt had as and bs since 2nd grade
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