Internal and External Screens Are Black!?

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I have had an EnV Touch since 2009. I am currently on my 5th replacement because it keeps breaking. Earlier, I was texting someone. The phone was fully charged and not plugged in. I was simply texting. When I went to open my phone, the external screen was black. I flipped open to the inside and that was black too. The keypad lights illuminated but the screen was inactive. Here's the thing: I can still send texts (I know what to hit because I text 24/7). I can't see a text when it is received but my phone still vibrates. I am getting really frustrated because this phone is a piece of junk. My upgrade is in April. However, I am currently eligible for an early upgrade. Unfortunately, my mother won't let me get the early upgrade. She says that I need to wait and be patient!! -___- I am getting sick of this phone because it is constantly having issues. Are there any tips that I can try before going to the Verizon store tomorrow? I read on Yahoo Answers to press on the screen hard a couple of times. I tried it and it just turned dark blue for a couple of flashes. I tried switching batteries (I have two) and that didn't work. I simply have no idea what to try. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you.


  • your phone is glitching bad
  • Do a battery pull is all I can really suggest, what version is it running?
  • I actually made a thread about this awhile ago too. My phone did what you said, except the inside died first (so I was texting blindly.. good thing I'm pretty accurate). Then the external screen went black forever. The phone is pretty much bricked now because I can't see who's calling me and I can't look through contacts or anything. I took it to the store and the employee hardly looked at it before telling me I need to upgrade or buy a new phone. I had the version 11 software on there. So now I'm using a friend's old phone.

    Moral of story: it's most likely a hardware problem and can't be fixed really unless you rip the phone open and see what's up. loose cable maybe?
  • here's the old post:
  • Sorry can't really help ya :( go to Verizon maybe they will feel generous.
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