thinking of new phone but don't want to lose DUN hack!

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Best Buy has a good deal on the HTC incredible right now but the dun hack pretty makes it worth it to keep this phone for a long time!! I know a lot of people on here have upgraded to the incredible so anyway to tether on that phone with the fee from verizon?


  • I think you can use the app PDAnet for it.
  • My friend has the incredible and he did a simple hack on it that lets him use the wifi hotspot thing for free. So then any device with wifi capabilty can connect though it. Also, like Gun Hog said, PDAnet works fine. Good Luck!
  • wow i'm glad you guys interpreted what I said there...i should have proof read that. So apparently I cannot jump on the free Incredible Best Buy is offering even if I sign up for a new 2 year contract because I am not eligible for an upgrade...freakin sucks...I can't think of a better deal then this!!! Anyone think I can talk Best Buy/Verizon into letting me do this?
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