Need help! need solution for headphone jack issue

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the headphone jack on my phone recently went out...its not my headphones, i tried multiple sets and checked that they worked on other devices. Anyway...i have no way of listening to music now and was wondering if there is anyway to fix it without having to solder in a new one. Also can a bluetooth headset play music?


  • Get a q-tip and take off some of the end and put alcohol on the end so you can clean the inside(phone must be off) of use a tooth pick and put some cotton on the end and tape it
  • Yes you can play music through bluetooth w the Env.
  • tried the q-tip thing....i can hear it now, but its really really quiet...i can only hear the loud songs, the quieter ones arent audible ????
  • I've had bluetooth headphones. They sound pretty good nowadays. They didn't when they were new. The only problem I've ever had with them iis the poor quality around the neckband, irregardless of type or model they always seem to break. So handle with care!
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