Ferrari Car Theme (Animated!) for your LG enV Touch! -LGCustomThemes

Hello friends, I have here the Ferrari Car animated theme for your LG enV Touch created by me. *This theme is different and unique because instead of a "home button" I put it a "GO!" button. When the Ferrari car pulls up in the theme, the light will turn from yellow to green and then you can hit the "GO!" button and the Ferrari car will take off! Please download and let me know what you think!




Thanks for downloading & enjoy!


  • Wow! That is some excellent work! I never used the Home button anyway. Keep it up!!!
  • Nice work LgCustomThemes1

    I only got the hang of making flash clocks but could you make a htc flash clock with the sun/moon(sun for 7am-7pm and moon for 7pm til 7am) with 3 home screens ?
    i know how to make them but every time i get the sun/moon working, they overlap with the next slide, and can you make a droid menu?? thanks

    Heres an example of one of my flash clocks i made..

    i would like for the clock to be style like this, i dont care what type of wallpaper though

    i can give you templates for the clock if you need them
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