"Feature cannot be used during a call"

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When I try and click on "Check New" under Software Update, I get an error message stating "Feature cannot be used during a call."

However, I'm not currently in a call. Any ideas? Thanks.


  • Very likely if you look at the top of your screen you'll see the two arrows indicating inactive data transfer, courtesy of the latest email app. If so, you can try keeping an eye on it cuz sometimes it'll drop it ( the arrows will disappear) or you can change your email settings to not auto receive new msgs. It still takes awhile after you do this till it kills the connection so I usually just restart the fon. I've been down this road many times when I use the fon as a modem....
  • Yep, there is data transfer going on. Thanks - I'll try the suggestion.
  • Solved, now closed.
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