This charger is not recommended for this phone

I just got a charger off of amazon that is micro USB. It fits in my phone, and it charges, but after a few seconds of having it plugged in, I get a message that says, "This charger is not recommended for this phone." I believe this charger is supposed to be used for blackberries, but I am just wondering, why do I receive this message, what can happen if I do use it, and how does it detect it?
Can this actually cause damage to my phone, or is this just to get me to buy LG's charger instead?


  • I've been using several chargers that do that for nearly a year now. Not sure how it detects it but it never did my phone any harm. Oh, maybe thats what causes all the goofy problems on the EnV Touch... LOL!
  • Nah, all enV touched glitch out like crazy for some reason. Only thing I can think of is maybe there is a slight difference in the impedance of the wire, or the mA the phone receives, prob shouldn't be enough to cause any damage though.
  • I had the same thing happen with a charger I bought at Frys. No problems after 18 months of getting that message.
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