what are the limits of wallpaper?

Is it possible to create little icons or application or something similar with the wallpaper that will actually lead to something happening, similar to how the menu is?

What version of flash is the wallpaper? AS3, AS2, Flash lite, or else?

Also, is it possible to interact with the wallpaper, so that if I make a wallpaper like the background used in droids with different frames/screens (i forget what they are called)

Lastly, is it possible to access external data, such as accessing the internet from the wallpaper?


  • Motion swipe (used in android devices)= possible, external applications loading from wallpaper= why not, lots of coding
  • Unless your able to breach the phone's basic operating system, no.
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    haha no way man.. And if you could then, Dayummm you iz GENIUS lol :P I have tried myself so many times being an 3 year experienced flash animator, 5 year photoshopper and a 2 year themer and it just wouldnt work. Ive even tried converting a theme into flash and copying all the keys, actions, scripts, etc.. for all the icons and put them into a wallpaper then onto my phone and (fart sound).. nothing.. lol & say that it did work like that, i have even tried to just set the theme as my wallpaper and still, (fart sound).. Your best bet (and I have seen this done before) would to make a wallpaper and edit spots for your shortcut keys something like cmrmotoboy did here: http://www.envtouch.org/discussion/870/blackberry-storm-theme/#Item_18 and if you want it to be really cool you can animated the wallpaper how ever you want, also you can put fake buttons behind the shortcut keys (where they would supposed to be) and animated the flash buttons behind the shortcuts so when you click on your shortcut, you can trigger the button behind it to light up or do something cool.. lol I have never actually tried it but.. you know.. just through it out there. but like Starwars551 said, "Unless your able to breach the phone's basic operating system, no. "
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