Mac question..

Hey guys im a flash clock maker and im sick of using my pc, i have a mac laptop and i want software to create/edit swf files so i can edit the flash clocks i've already made, i tried swf flash decompiler but i cant get it to work

i need software that will let me edit swf files and i CANNOT install to my HD because i do not know my admin passwords, (School laptop)


  • you can always get an flash drive and install programs on that. thats wat i do on my school computers.
  • Try Adobe Flash (The Editor) and install it to a External Hard Drive (which can run from $10-$100) and find the version of Adobe Flash Editor that suits you and you can Crack it or purchase it as you please, but you will have a 30 day trial until you do so.
  • It doesnt let me, it requires a Administrator Password,
    give me links please so i dont have to spend hours searching for them,
    im good with making flash, just not finding the programs
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