How do I move music from the phone?

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Ok, here is my issue. I have a new phone (Droid 2 Global), and I want to move my music to that one. The Droid detects the music and plays it just find...but it is just a big messy pile, whereas on the touch I have them in neat playlists.

Is there any way to preserve my playlists? I have a LOT of songs that fill my SD card and it would take hours to sort them again. Is there a way to keep my playlists?


  • it will probably be quicker to re-sort them into the playlists then to find a way to get your playlists from your env touch to your new droid.. BTW what do you think about the Droid? I was thinking about buying one but I havent got to mess around on one yet. One more thing, the music isn't already sorted in playlists on your SD card? also, did you try expanding (+) your music folder in Bitpim while your phone is connected to your computer? There might be a way.. But really it might just save more time and trouble just re sorting them out again. WAIT, or try connecting your phone to your PC and opening it in windows media player and seeing if the playlists with the songs are there in the right panel where you would drag songs to sync the music to your phone. Just try these things and you might figure it out. That is really all i can think of for right now but I can look into it more if these do not work. (I have a lot of confidence with the windows media player one) lol take care..
  • The music is not sorted on the playlist on the SD Card. Most were synced using Windows Media Player, and they were not in playlists. I manually put them in their places using the phone's own playlist creator after the upload was complete. There are no matching playlists in WMP and they are not sorted as such on the SD card. Only the phone has the sorting information, which strangely remains even after removal of the card. WMP does not see any playlists when I connect the phone in sync mode. Just a big mess.

    Most of the songs lack any artist data and such, just the sound files and such, so the manual sorting would have to be done by filenames alone. Sadly, Bitpim cannot read the playlists I set myself. It is looking like my only choice is to listen to a bit of each one and find out where they go. These songs I had to name myself (a lot are recorded from video games and such), and some have weird numbers. I will eventually get around to having them sorted. My Droid had no problem finding them all at least.

    As for my new Droid 2 Global, the phone is utterly incredible (pun not intended)!! It feels more like a mobile computer than it does a phone! My EnV is a glitchy, frequently crashing, and slow piece of junk in comparison. For the first time in my life, I have found a device about which I have absolutely no major complaints. Anything I do not like, I can change with a little tinkering.

    If you do not mind the massive price increase in terms of data, you want a Droid. If you have an EnV, you obviously wanted a phone with internet and other multimedia features. A Droid will do all if it faster and better. If you do not like the stock apps on your Droid, just download stuff until you find something you like. On an EnV, most of the free stuff is crap and as for the paid stuff...well you can find something on the Android Market that does it better for free. (You can still pay for VZ Nav and Vcast if you want those) I am rambling now, so I will end with this: If price is not an issue, you want an Android phone. There are loads of choices for your hardware.
  • What is your phone's style?
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