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So what does everyone think of V11 by now? Nobody has been complaining about it so I wondered if just maybe its doing as good for everyone else as it has for me. I don't think my phone has reset itself for the last 2 months! It didn't start out that way- at first i had the usual resets every couple days (or a couple times a day) but it kept improving. Still get the occasional wacky screen tho. What are ya'll thots? (those of you who haven't gotten Droids yet) ;)


  • Still turns off when making a text while the phone is plugged in, or when you try to use it as a Flash Drive.
  • On #11 my wife's phone reset to the standard themes again. She had to remove her micro-SD card and then re-inserted it and everything reset to the way she had it. Also, she complains a lot about facebook mobile rebooting her phone. Also, every once and awhile the inside screen turns white. Although this has happened to her through all software updates so I'm assuming this is hardware related.
  • Amazingly I'm only on my second Touch since soon after its launch. I had a major freeze up recently and had to take out the battery and microSD card to reset it as well. It's been my favorite phone so far, and my first touch screen phone, but I'm thinking about getting an Android phone sometime in the next few weeks or so. I want to see what's coming out and do some research before I jump into a new phone. I mean, who wants last years model if there's a new model coming out soon!
  • Im on my 7th Touch. The screen turns white sometimes and I there seems to be a glitch that involves the phone ringing on vibrate. And on full volume too. Once my contract is up in 6 months, I'll be switching to the HTC Droid Incredible.
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    I've had the Env Touch for a little over a year. I've really babied it, but lately I've been experiencing more spontaneous reboots, and worse the phone sometimes turns off for no apparent reason. I have it set to startup locked so when I discover it is locked again I know it has rebooted. The problem with the phone turning off is more recent, and really unacceptable. I can't be worrying that I may miss calls because I can't trust that my phone will stay on. Fortunately I recently became eligible for an upgrade. Switching to another phone seems to be the only way to solve these problems - firmware upgrades do not. Normally I would save the phone as a backup or offer it to a family member, but in this case I can't even do that. I really don't understand why these problems are not considered critical and either solved or resulted in a recall/replacement program.
  • first touch phone, after 5 of them got a samsung reality, had 6 or 7 of those got a chocolate tocuh ahd about 9 of those and went back to the reality for about 2 months and they swtitched me back to this dumb phone
  • I prefer the Env Touch over the Samsung Reality. Apart from the minor glitches.
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    My phone is in the worst shape its ever been in. I've been fortunate, though. I've had the phone since the first month it came out and never had the reboot issues. That is, until now. I think it has something to do with the thermostat being out of whack and the phone thinking that it is overheating when it isn't. It almost always happens when using lots of data (VZnav, browser, etc) and especially when its plugged in. Oh well, 3 weeks and counting.
  • The enV touch sucks reguardless!
    i've had bout 19 of them. NO JOKE!
    ive never had problems with the screen turning white util this past week, ever couple texts or few thousand(yes i said few thousands) the screen doesnt work ..i just got this replacement!
  • Wow, you've had 19? How do you keep getting them replaced?
  • I get a new Env Touch about ever 100,000 texts, 900 minutes of phone calls, or 6GBs of data. And based on your warranty you can be eligible for a new Env Touch every time it has a series problem.
  • It's worth mentioning that I found a suggestion on the internet for fixing the reboot/turn off problem which so far is working for me. The problem, which can easily be replicated, is if you push down on the battery you can cause the phone to reboot or turn off. The fix is to cut a three inch square of paper and fold it twice so you have a 1.5 inch square that's four layers thick. Remove the battery and place the square inside (don't cover the contacts). Then put the battery back. The paper removes the slack so the battery moves less and this seems to help. Since doing this I haven't had any reboots or discovered that the phone has turned itself off. Try it and post back whether or not it works for you.
  • I still have V7 playin' it safe in keeping Nav. It does restart occasionally but never it's inconvenient. I'm normally at work (Navy so I'm in a ship) and other than that it stays on. So it's fine. I'm do an upgrade in June but I dont have $30 for an Android yet so wait I shall for Verizon to get some SIM card phones (even though they might as well keep CDMA since the SIM cards are Verizon only)
  • Paper trick seems to have worked for me! It also worked for my wife's env3 which started having the same problem. Thanks!!
  • Glad it worked for you! My phone has been fine since adding the paper as well. Pretty simple...
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