iPhone availbale from Verizon

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Right on the main page the iPhone will be available from Verizon beginning Feb 11, 2011.

I am rather confused... Android or iPhone when the renewal comes around?

What about you?


  • Once the HTC Droid Thunderbolt 4G Comes out, I would recommended that. But dont buy the iPhone 4 yet, wait till the next generation. If you really want an upgrade now, the HTC Droid Incredible would be a good choice.
  • ahhh the god damn data pak is required, *stupid sons o' b8thces*
    no htc or iphone for me
    got ihate verizon
  • I definitely agree with Starwars. Couple of my friends have the Incredible and I think it lives up to its name. But 4g is certainly worth waiting for.
  • I know i probably should wait...but I really want a new phone. First of all, I don't want an android phone because 4.3 inch screens are way too freakn big! And I've used my friend's Incredible and its a bit buggy. There is also no guarantee that the iPhone 5 will be joining Verizon as soon as it joins AT&T, and I would hate waiting so long only to find out I have to wait another 6 months! So if you follow my mentality, the best choice would be the iPhone 4 on Verizon xD
  • You could always try a LG Ally or a Blackberry xD
    Try to avoid the Droid 2, and the Samsung Fascinate
  • I agree. The Fascinate just seems like a waste of time. I want the iPhone but I want an Android because I hate the iPhone. I am damed if I do damed if I don't. My plan ends in March so I am not sure where or what to do next. :/
  • Iphone sucks, Android rules
  • So what is your arguement that the iPhone sucks? It revolutionized the entire cell phone market and continues to do so. Now that people can jailbreak their phones legally i feel the iphone is a very strong contender to anything avaiable. The whole 4G 3G business is garbage. Service is service, you either have it or you dont. I have not played with the droids to much but i see flaws in their software already with some phones.

    For those that say hold off til iPhone 5. I cant for one my plan ends in March and two i minus well wait for iPhone 10000000. Companies will continue to make new and better products because that is the market.
  • first let me start by saying dont ever get a lg ally. its one of the most unreiable phones i've ever seen in my life. so is the devour. good lord stay away i dont care if its free

    whats wrong with droid 2 and the fascinate? have you seen the screen on the fascinate with its super amoled? its amazing. thinest phone vzw offers. also a 4'' screen, making it a good screen size between the 3.7 on the droid 2 and incredible, but not as big as the 4.3 on the droid x. sure it has bing, up it can be replaced by google maps and search. just dont use bing

    droid 2 has the fastest processer out of all phones vzw offers. plus if you like the qwary keepboard its about the only choice. oh and did i mention global?

    moving on to the iphone. is it a great phone? sure is. would i ever buy one? no. why? cause apple controls thier product wayyy to strict. oh no my screen has frozen up. looks like i have to send it in to apple care. and if there is ANY physcial damage apple sends it right back to me unfixed. so i'm without a phone for atleast 2 days, and if there is physical damage i'm screwed anyways. how many of us have had our touch's replaced? thats one of the best things about vzw, they stick to thier warrentys and most of the time are more then happy to fix the issue in store, or send you a referb. even if the screen is broken most of the time if you admit you've screwed up and are nice, they will still replace it. no such luck with apple. i also personally like how much more customizable the droids are then the apple. sure you can customize the iphone if you jailbreak it, but what if i dont want to? i shouldnt have to jailbreak a phone to personalize it how i want.

    though it is true that if you keep waiting for phones the "next gen" of phones will always be better and you will never buy. personally i dont think you'll be able to do much better then the thunderbold. when htc incredible launched the it was almost a full 2 months before the iphone 4. it has a bigger screen, better camera, trackpad, removable battery and memory, and didnt have dropped call issues when it released, or ever for that matter. so in a lot of ways the htc is better then the iphone. but "better" is in the eye of the beholder. it will be interesting to see if the thuderbold will also be "better" then the iphone 5 or 4g, or whatever its gonna be named.

    i guess what i'm saying is please people dont fall in the apple trap. there are more choices out there. just cause it has an apple stamp doesnt make it best. its how a phone works for you that makes it best for you.

    final thought if you think vzw isnt going to get the iphone 5 when it does release, your out of your mind. you dont work out a deal with a company for 2 years and only sell 1 thing from them. i just think its funny how many people who dont know apple releases a new phone every summer will be pissed at vzw for being in contract. a contract they signed.
  • Cheers to metallman56!
  • http://erictric.com/2011/01/16/which-verizon-phone-to-buy-iphone-thunderbolt-4g-or-motorola-droid-bionic/

    To be all fair. I think KlineAJ has it. By far thye best help deciding a new phone.
  • Haha thanks
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