stupid internet....

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So, one day, after a long and hard day, I tried to access the internet...all it did was take a long time to load, then said it timed out. I refreshed it again and again, then decided to go to my im app. It timed out 2. Any app that requires internet doesn't work. I tried to reset the phone and everything, but it dint work. can any1 help me?


  • This is hardly helpful but it could be a vzw network issue, unless it has been doing this for a while. Is there any one else you could check with that uses vz in your area to see if theirs works? If it does its obviously a phone issue. Doubt it'll help but you could try dialing *22899.
  • It's been happening for a while, other verizon phones around me work, and other places the internet dosent work either. hmmm... maybe its a phone issue....
  • On your phone dial ##PROGRAM11000 or ##776472611000, When prompt enter service code 000000 and select WAP Setting. You should now see a Submenu of different items, can you post what each Item says when you open it like "Proxy Port Setting should say 8080 for both the Primary Port and the Secondary Port"
  • proxy address setting:primary address:
    proxy address setting:secondary address:
    proxy port setting:primary port:8080
    proxy port setting:secondary port:8080
    TLS/HTTPS Security Setting: Primary Port:0443
    TLS/HTTPS Security Setting: Secondary Port:0443
    User name:(My #)
    User Password:vzw
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