Evo Shift VS Epic

I'd like to get a new phone and I'm probably going to switch to Sprint. So, which is better, the Evo Shift or the Epic? Also, is there any way to get out of my VZW contract without ETF? My contract expires next February, but I'm kind of bored and tired of my EnV Touch.


  • fake your death.
  • ^What that broski said.
  • really? your going to switch to a phone carrier that charges you and extra $10 a month for 4g, something that you can use in about 500 sq feet of coverage. also a network that has 1/2 the coverage as vzw? i understand your itching to get out of the touch but vzw has some awesome phones now. you should be due for your upgrade, and you can get into one of thier driods, like the incredable or x. also the iphone will be at vzw on the 10th. or you can do what i going to do and wait for the htc thunderbold. pretty much an evo with a 8 gb of internal memory compaired to evo's 2. also vzw's 4g network is going to be from coast to coast by the end of 2013. so maybe you'd actaully get a chance to take advantage of 4g while with vzw. not the mention vzw 4g speeds are faster then sprints. up to 12 mps. thats faster then any home internet provider is here. oh and vzw owns there network, sprint cant say the same i'm afriad.
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    You must be incredibly educated with your misspelling of metal in your name, Incredible, and actually, and your lack of capitalization in your sentences. Also, even with the Premium Data Surcharge, it is still cheaper. Plus, Verizon is probably going to do 4G fees too once they get 4G Phones. As they say on their commercials, on Verizon, $70 gets you unlimited talk only and on Sprint it gives you Unlimited Texting, Data, Mobile-To Mobile Calling, and 450 Minutes of talk time.
  • very very true i suck at spelling and overall grammer. and my name has 2 "l"s in it because when i love the band Metallica, which has 2 "l"'s in it.

    true verizon "could" raise thier 4g plans. but thier 4g aircar plans are actually $10 a month cheaper then the 3g. so they "could" raise there rates, but they "could" lower them as well. guess we will just have to wait and see.

    sprint is cheaper then verizon. i wont argue that even a little. however, is cheaper better? depends on what you want. is reliability important to you when using your phone? if you also notice on those same comercials it says "while on the sprint network" which is about 1/2 the size of verizons. plus i hate the nickel and diming. its a 4g phone for 95% of the nation they wont use the 4g while they have it. but they still charge it.

    also if you look at both sprint's 4g network and verizon's theres really no comparison. sprint's speeds are between 3-6 mps. verizon's is 5-12 mps. so vzw's basement is sprints ceiling. also sprint and t-moble have both have a huge back log. which pretty much means its very very hard to get on there 4g network.

    so the question becomes this. is the cheaper plan really worth it? if you want to be locked into a carrier that wont have a 4g blanket by the end of your contract, and even if they did speeds would still be 1/2 as fast then go for it. but if you want to be able to use your phone pretty much where ever you go, then maybe verizon is the better option. i'm just letting you know what your getting yourself into. if you think its a better option take it.
  • I am personally a HUGE fan of Sense UI. So if I had the choice, between the Epic, and the Evo Shift, My vote goes for the Evo.
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