Contract ends in exactly one month...

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Since my contract (or my parents' contract should I say) ends in a month and I'm very excited about finally leaving the phone. With so many smartphones out there it got me wonder if going from featured phone to smartphone will change the monthly bill that my parents have. Currently I'm under NATIONWIDE CONNECT SHARE 700
plan which includes unlimited data already. So my question is, will there be any change of the bill?


  • sure will. your connect plan will be dropped on your line. so that puts you at $10 a month as opose to the $20 thier paying now. now with a smart phone your either going to be in a $15 a month plan, or a $30 a month plan, on top of the $10 a month. so your line would double if you went with the $30 unlimited.
  • Oh, I see. I guess I will be staying at featured phone then. I've been looking at verizon website and Kin twom seems to be the closest thing I can buy to smartphone. Is there any better option??
  • sweet jesus dont buy a kin anything. there complete junk. if i were you i'd stick with the touch until something better comes out.
  • Knowing Verizon, I don't think they would even attempt to pull up the standard of feature phones....
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