Opera Mini For Verizon

I changed the platform id on my touch to get a bunch on unsupported apps, i changed it to 1275, there is an app call opera mini for verizon, i download it but, it freezes my phone very time does anyone know why?
the whole reason why i want to know is so that i can download stuff straight from my browser


  • Opera never made a application for a BREW device so thats probably why, incompatible coding.
  • I have not changed the platform id on my phone and I still get the Verizon Opera Mini application. It is a free download and on my enV Touch there are absolutely no glitches. So I can confidently say that this is an official app for the enV Touch.
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    I just downloaded it . Seems to be working fine for me also.
  • lol i just figured out that it is now available for the touch
    can we hack it
  • you tube does not seem to work
  • is it any better that polaris? Because i think the only difference is that its a little faster and i think that it looks better, but feel that it doesnt have as much capacity as poloris, does anyone know what the brew folder is for this? We might be able to find some hack for it if its not completely homebrew?
  • also it doesnt support .swf unlike polaris
    does any know know about java or javascript or html?
  • I've used Opera Mini for Verizon for a while now. Never had a problem with YouTube or other Flash content.
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