I know it's possible but no1 wants to take the time, its possible to hack this phone more than what can be done now, but what would i have to do?? i understand it but what programs would i need??


  • What you see in BitPim (Or other programs you use) is what you get. Those are the files stored on the phone, and the rest are stored on the Firmware, which is not editable to this time.
  • Exactly, i would like to know HOW to edit the FW, i just need some pointers because it CAN be done
  • You cant edit the firmware. Even if you could, Verizon would sense it as "Outdated" and replace it with the current one whenever you walk into an area with service.
  • I can edit the firmware and i will lol, if i find out a way, im tired of fakers saying the finally did it when they didnt so im gona take a shot at it, i just need some pointers and how-to's on how to "find" the files
  • But physically you cant. The firmware is stored in the ROM of the phone, and can only be accessed by a secure connection with a Verizon server.
    If your able to hack into a Verizon server, steal the files, and find a way to burn them into your ROM, then I'll give you a cookie.
  • WELL there is a possible way to get in the ROM
  • I would hardly call it "Possible"
  • If there is a will, then there is a way. Every phone has started off like this, but the phones encrypted software has gotten more complex. If we just took the time, just to even change the simplest of things like even the color of the virtual keyboard, we could do it! Even if we tried to port the keyboard from the browser, we could find a way. This can be achieved we just need people to start trying instead of giving up.
  • I'm not technical enough to know if it's actually "possible," I just don't think there is enough interest in the phone itself. I know I'm waiting for the Thunderbolt and then I'm probably upgrading. I've enjoyed my Touch, and not had as many problems as others, only on my second one and I'm up for my 'new every two' next month. It just doesn't do as many super-duper cool things as I would like. I want some Android apps, a wi-fi hotspot, a better browser, a bigger screen, etc...
  • The firmware is not stored on a ROM chip. It's stored on an EPROM chip. You can use CDMA workshop to edit the EPROM memory locations directly.
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