Will the DUN hack work to connect an iPad to the interwebs?

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I got my wife an iPad for Christmas, 3G capable and all. Can I use the DUN hack like I currently do sometimes on my PC? And specifically, the bluetooth connection. I actually have only used the wired connection for my PC, since my laptop doesn't have a bluetooth connection. Been thinking about getting one of those dongles....


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    Sadly not. But the iPhone 4 from Verizon, and the iPhone 4 from AT&T (With v4.3) Will include mobile WiFi Hotspots, which hopefully will be comming to iPad in a later version.

    While BlueTooth goes, you can transfer pictures, and contacts (Havent used an iPad long enough to really test it out)
    And as for BlueTooth dongles go, you can get a Micro BlueTooth Dongle for a vary reasonable price Here. http://www.amazon.com/Bluetooth-USB-Micro-Adapter-Dongle/dp/B001EBE1LI/ref=pd_bxgy_misc_img_b
  • http://www.envtouch.org/discussion/1917/tether-your-ipod-touch-to-your-env-via-bluetooth-no-joke/#Item_1

    just look at my latset post.

    i dont know if that app is available on a jialbroken ipad though
  • Curses! Thanks for the replies anyway. Been thinking of upgrading to an Android phone, that would take care of the tethering issue. Mobile hotspot would be more useful anyway!
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