Tether your ipod touch to your env via Bluetooth! (no joke)

ibluever is a app that you can get on your ipod touch (demo free paid app is 5 dollars) It works great with the Env Touch (watch my tutorial below)


this is a tutorial on how to tether via Bluetooth your phones 3g connectiong

what you will need:

A compatible phone (any phone that can tether via bluetooth (im using the lg ENV touch))

a jailbroken ipod touch 2g - latest model
iBlueverr (available on cydia)
and a data plan


  • I've tried this with 3 different Jail broken iPod Touch's, and none of them are working with my enV Touchs (I've tried it with 4 enV Touchs now.)
    I'm sad to say this but I'm pretty sure this doesn't work.
  • @Starwars551 what errors are you getting?
  • Well first off, this is a complete scam. If you waste your money you should demand it back IMMEDIATELY. They designed the trial to work in a way that they would make you buy the full version.
  • @Starwars551 this is the furthest thing from a scam. please make sure you are 100% sure of something before you post it. if it is not working for you then it is probably something you are doing. many people have gotten it to work, if you want help i will help you.
  • I have already gotten a refund. The last thing I want is help for this.
  • so you got a refund yet you still say it is a scam? that makes no Sense.
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