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Hey all! I've been around here a lot awhile ago and then I upgraded to a blackberry. sadly, my blackberry stopped charging last night so I went and reactivated my env Touch. I miss my blackberry so much, but the env touch is still a damn good phone!

anyway, my question was with the env touch's facebook places feature on touch.facebook.com. I can go there to the Places tab on the site, and I can see everyone's check-ins, but i cant seem to check in myself? does the env touch not have that feature (even with access to the touch mobile site and a GPS location feature for apps) or am I just missing something?

Thanks folks!


  • some more questions that I have during my return to the world of the env touch,

    what is a better browser? the Opera Mini from verizon or the phone's native polaris browser?

    are there any new facebook/twitter applications in the last 6 months or so?

    are there any new must-have apps for the phone? (doubt it but just asking lol)

    are there any updates to the old apps that are worth checking out?

    is there any new firmware updates and what features do they add/bug do they fix (or cause!) lol

    Thanks for taking the time to answer! :-)
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    I tried the Opera browser, and while functionally fine, I found it difficult to use. Admittedly I didn't play around too much, but I couldn't find a way to zoom or change from 'portrait' to 'landscape.' turning the phone sideways did nothing, and I couldn't find anything in the settings. This made everything small on the screen, more difficult to read and to click on links. Maybe there is a way, but if it's that hard to find/use it's not worth the trouble for me.

    The most recent firmware version is v11. I had upgraded to v09 with the help of this site a while ago, and the updates to v10 and v11 were over the air and seem to work fine for me. There was a new e-mail upgrade a few weeks ago, but I thought it sucked and when I got the chance I deleted it and put the original one back on. The new version would keep a data streem open, killing your battery and making the DUN hack unusable.
  • Yeah, I'd like to know to how to use the facebook places too. I can get to the touch.facebook.com too but there is now place to update my location. Anyone else got a clue?

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