I just jailbroke the Envtouch!

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I've been working on this project a while and I want to share the news! I can theme the WHOLE phone now! I downloaded BREW's SDK manager, Used one of the .bar files in the envtouch filesystem, and can edit the png's INSIDE the .bar file! I while try to upload a guide this weekend!


  • Need pit'churs!!
  • UPDATE: It is currently in a beta stage, and I am learning more about the filesystem each day. I installed BITL connection on my envtouch, and i'm tring to get a valid .sig file so i can program it.
  • If this is fake i'll sue you for internet fraud and having you killed for wasting my time lol jk, hope your not lying
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    Actually, this seems somewhat reasonable. Have LG encode different items into a different code so people like us would have the hardest time editing the main features of the phone. If what you say is true, this could a revolution for all enV Touch owners.

    EDIT: Can you try to have the images up later today? If you need help taking screen caps of the phone I will be honored to assist you.
  • purepk4er you've been here for a while and im sort of an un-official moderator/admin (stupid Andy), so please send me some pictures.


    Ill help in anyway possible and spread this like wildfire.
  • I've done some research and talked to some of my colleges at my university. What he says is legit, I have some friends inspecting some of the extracted .bar files and I will get back to you guys as soon as I can.
  • Hey guys thanks for the comments, something weird has happened on my phone, it says on bitpim when i was getting files, it says blocked by service provider! I think verizon is trying to stop me! (No joke!). So BE WARNED I would strongly suggest putting your phone in airplane mode. First I want to make clear I am not a troll and I want to get something done on this phone. I am a 14 year old boy and I will be busy at school this week to I will try to work on the phone in my free time. We need to get a development team to try to hack the phone. I will try to upload some screenshots tomorrow if i can try to access the filesystem but I may not since I'm being blocked by verizon. If you want to get started follow this guide. Lastly, I'm not responsable for anything that happens to your envtouch!

    1. Download Brew's SDK here: http://www.brewmp.com/

    2. Download Visual Studio 2010 Professional here: http://www.kickasstorrents.com/microsoft-visual-studio-2010-professional-t4839849.html (You need Bittorrent) (You can buy the genuine version if you wish :) )

    3. Take some of the .bar or .mid files from Bitpim or the loader in the SDK and test them in the Resource Manager.

    4. You can view the filesytem with BREW MP targets [COM/BTIL], but you need to install the BTIL connection on the phone. I ran the BITL installer and it exploited to my phone and rebooted successfully!

    5. There are many hidden files on the phone which i'm trying to work out. (I need someone to help try to open .mod files!)

    Thanks and feel free to leave a comment!
  • I wish Andy was still here I miss him ;( God thank him for making this forum!
  • How so are they blocking you? Can your phone not access the network or not be used in bitpim?
  • I can view my file system, but can remove/add files. Bitpim said in help verizon is blocking me because they don't want me messing with my filesystem. This is why I stress people to put their phone in Airplane mode so they can't block you.
  • Alright. Ill check this out next week.
  • alright 'night
  • Can you please post some screenshots of the phone before anyone else makes any hasty decisions?

  • Wow seriously? This isn't news, it's just is. It's honestly not hard with the right program and files...it's just risky to your phone.
  • Like you knew, "SERIOUSLY"? actually it is news, post else where and waste time
  • How...just 'cause it hasn't been posted here. It's called the internet and you'd think if you're here you'd have friends that try this stuff. Like minds seek others. Besides, theme changing is as boring as changing default ringtones. Seriously, your s/n has hacker in it and this impresses you.
  • Do you really think I care on what you think of me over the internet?? i really don't. And i actually do know stuff about this phone that no one probably knows. And one more thing, I have made other hacks/mods to this phone no1 hasn't yet, but it's not worthy posting on here because of the fact me and my friend stay after school making programs to "find" files.
    One question, if your so smart, how does the phone detect when its open or closed??
  • Landon let's see some pics, and EnvTouchHacker what's the dock image?
  • The dock is the buttons you see at the bottom of the homescreen, and the dock image is the file that contains the actions/images for the dock to work. We find that, and we can make it look like android
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    thanks EnvTouchHacker, what's the file name of the lock screen
  • The file of the lock screen is hidden somewhere in the phones OS, ill work on it
  • Once again, I'm calling BS on this whole topic. Not the first time we've seen a thread like this on this forum. I'll be more than happy to eat these words if Landon actually shows us something new.
  • If you think its "BS" then dont post until we found out if hes lying or not.
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    jesus christ. who do you think you are, envtouchhacker? he can post his opinion if he wants.

    anyways, op says he can theme the whole phone but i've yet to see any screenshots. he says verizon is blocking his connection but that seems very improbable. he also says hes 14 years old and busy with school? haha i dont think i started being busy with school until college. but w.e he could be in some sort of private schoo for comp sci geniuses.

    just my two cents. actually, i could care less if you could theme this phone. it's a piece of junk anyways, it would probably bring out more bugs that we could whine about.
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    Yeah, shut the hell up "Hacker". I've been on this site since the day it started and I don't need some turd "hacker" telling me what's what. This guy is not the first to pull this stunt and won't be the last. If he had anything legit it would be all over the internet, not just some lame tease post on this site. How about you not post again until there is something real to talk about.

    And yes, Weapon-X, the phone is a piece of crap. In two weeks my 'new-every-two' is up and I'm out. iPhone here I come! Now that's a phone you can jail-break!
  • my contract ends next month and i was thinking about upgrading to the iphone 4 but then i realized i would be paying $200 for a 9 month old phone when brand new phones will be coming out soon.
    such a dilemma lol glad im getting out of the envtouch cag soon.

    if landon is being truthful, props to you.
  • Woah for your info BigErn, You have no idea what i know on electronics and coding. And weapon-x your a real douche. I wasn't posting in a sarcastic way, it would be a lot easier if people would post when they know if its the truth or not. Give this kid some time for Christ sake. And i agree this phone is a piece of junk, im just sick of looking at modern retro and blue inspiration. I know you can change blue inspiration but not on the inside. I'm not saying i could but I could possibly try hacking this phone.

    heres a wallpaper ...


    I hate this phone
  • Yeah rooting the Touch isn't even great. There's not much to do to it besides personalizing it a bit more but not like you can with more advance phones for obvious reasons.
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