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I have several accessories for sale. I finally found the ones I really like and that work great for me.
I thought I'd see on here first before posting on eBay.
This is what I have:
1) OEM Verizon White Silicone Cover - $5
2) Black Silicone Cover - $3
3) OEM Verizon Holster - $15
4) Body Glove Snap On Case - $5
5) Sealed Zagg Invisible FULL BODY Shield - $15

If you are interested or want pictures, email me at:
Shipping would just be whatever it is to ship to you and Paypal would be the preferred payment.


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    I have some VERY affordable (and high quality) accesories that I've found on Amazon if anyone is willing to buy them.

    Red Rubberized Hard Cover Case: $.01 + $2.88 For Shipping
    OTHER NOTES: You might want to put a screen protector on the phone when using this case, as it might result in scratching of the external screen.

    Mirror Screen Protector: $.01 + $2.88 For Shipping
    OTHER NOTES: This Screen Protector works great when the phone is locked, and includes a mirror for the Internal and External screens.

    Togather they look like this.

    Black Horizontal Leather Pouch: $.57 + $2.98 for Shipping
    OTHER NOTES: Design for LG-VX10000(Voyager) But works even better for the enV Touch. Clips/Slides onto any belt and uses magnets for quick and easy access

    Soft Silicone Protector Skin Case Black:$0.01 + $2.88 for Shipping
    OTHER NOTES: You might need to apply more pressure to the internal keys, but it does provide a more solid feel.

    Will upload more as time goes on
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