can i serf the web with my env touch with wifi and not pay for internet? if so how?

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not sure how


  • The enV Touch does not have a WiFi sensor, rendering this useless. But if we have a experienced hacker find a way for this Via BlueTooth, it might work.
  • As mentioned, the enV Touch does not have a WIFI antenna and can only serf the web using Verizon Wireless 3G or EVDO networks. There is no way to surf the web for free on the phone because in order to use the web, your phone must log into VZW and register with the network before it can access the internet. Also since January 2010, Verizon requires users to purchase a data plan with this phone starting at $10 a month.

    It is possible to use a computer to tether to the phone's internet connection for free using the "DUN hack". Please see . This will allow your computer to access the internet for no additional charge (normally a $20/month charge on smartphones). As long as the user limits the data across the tether, they should be fine.
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