External Screen Always On

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Hello forum, I was wondering if anyone knew how to adjust the external screen to Always be on, much like the internal screen.


  • with the phone closed, go to ##service then go to LCD Test, then go to SLCD Always On and set that to always on, now exit that, and fil open your phone, You'll see the front screen is still on, and the best part is that you can still use the keyboard while texting.
    PS if you guys ever wondered how the phone detects when it's open or closed, there is a little magnet under the left speaker panel, what that magnet does is "pull" the sensor together waking a connection which closes/opens the phone. Don't believe me?? Take a magnet and place it on the left edge of the phone with it flipped open, you'll see that it works. Or you can take off the left speaker panel(it's basically a sticker, you have to be careful) theres no unscrewing or anything just be careful if you happen to take it off because there is a little silver magnet towards the bottom.
  • I already knew of both those tricks, but thanks anyway.
  • haha why did u ask if u already knew? plus, there is already a thread here that explains how to do it.
  • No. I meant like how you can set the internal screen to Always be on, like the backlight wont turn off. I was wondering how to do this on the external screen
  • uh i think that IS how u make the external screen always on...
  • No. I meant like so the Backlight doesent turn off, and you can use the phone regularly
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