Verizon V10 Powerloop.....Moderater in need!

Hey guys, so I'm currently using my old phone because of the V10 Powerloop that came with the update. I switched my phone to my old one and they released V11. When I went to switch it back, it won't let me, and says to call customer support. Thats not the problem. I know its a simple matter of just deleting the file clogging it up, but I was wondering, can they see your photos? B/c I have personal ones that I don't want Verizon looking at.


  • if you bring your phone in for a update and are paranoid about the reps looking at photo's then buy an sd card before hand and save all photos to that. then take out the sd card and let them update it. its really not a bad idea because what they wont tell you is there is a 1% chance of the update bricking your phone. so make sure everything is backed up to the card, and you have backup assistant updated as well. that way if the phone does brick all your info isnt lost.
  • Thanks, i just did that. I wasnt too worried about the ones ON my phone but ones sent over pix messaging, because one of the pictures i send of my dads ferrari is blocking it.
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