GOODBYE enV touch! I always hated and and always will! GOODBYE FORUMS. I can't say you guys helped me hack features on this phone because I found out how myself but I can say thanks for you guys helping me find stuff!
Thanks, goodbye and farewell!


  • oh hey didn't notice you as a member here....glad we could be of service. you're clearly the hacking guru and losing you is SUCH a drastic blow to the forum.

    Good riddance.
  • I actually did manage to hack it, i"m keeping the phone, it just wont be activated. I'll see if I could be of any help.
  • I've said it before & now I'll say it again . . . . What a turd! "I actually did manage to hack it" my arse!
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    How would you know? You dont even know me so dont say anything --------------------
  • lol at the butthurt members...

    How about you guys ask WHY he hated the phone? What questions he had? What did he manage to hack?

    I dunno, I always thought I'm an asshole on the internet, but I'm starting to realize some people make me look like a nice guy.

    EnVtouchHacker, I don't understand why you'd go through the trouble of hacking a phone that you don't even like? Unless your reasons for hating it is minor details like small software limitations, etc. Let's be honest here man, you do like the phone, you just didn't like the fact you didn't get much help on the forums. Which is understandable, but maybe you shouldn't so aggressive about it. Afterall all information is provided for free on these forums.
  • Probably because he left nearly 4 months ago.
    There are many reasons to hate the phone, his hacking was just something to pass the time, and make his phone look a little less shitty.
  • This phone sucked for MANY reasons. I did hack it though, but I got my windows phone and bricked my enV
  • Apart from having problems, when it's actually working correctly, I don't see what's wrong with it. Elaborate please? And what did you exactly hack?
  • Hello,
    I was summoned to dispense my godly powers on you all!
    Behave and play nice or my Droid Incredible and HTC Thunderbolt will zap your arses!
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