please, hear me out on this idea

Okay I've been thinking about this. Could it be possible to encrypt some kind of virus or malware into an MP3 file, SWF file, or even a PNG file to possible open on the env touch that would remove or destroy the Verizon wireless or cellular south BREW OS so that a new OS could be installed eg. windows mobile, iOS, Linux, or android. I am aware of how much coding would have to be done, and how experienced the coder would have to be, but lets at least give this a try thanks.


  • It would be way easier to just buy a smartphone cause this phone will soon be considered a historical artifact lol.
  • You would not want to destroy your current OS to install one that does not have the proper drivers for your phone. Plus, this phone does not have the specs to handle android or windows mobile. Android is based on on Linux and iOS would not run on anything but the iPhone.
  • possibly java or a way to get out of a two year contract without paying the cancellation fee
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