Activating phone after .bin and .scr download in LGNPST.

edited February 2011 in enV Touch General
For those of you who accidentally or purposefully did a refurbish or a bin and scr download in LGNPST and then activated your phone will notice that your phone still cant make calls, send txts, or access the internet. This is because the Verizon network cant properly authenticate your phone because there was some fundamental change even though the MEID is the same. Dont bother calling verizon because it will take forever but yes they will help you overcome this problem after hours of trying endlessly (believe me, I Know). Instead find an old inactivated phone and activate it to your number by doing *228. Then turn off that old phone and reactivate your current phone. Everything should work perfectly from then on. I hope this helps people who are dealing with this problem.
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