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I've had an enV Touch with the $9.99 / 25MB data plan for about a year. Because of the data limitation, I basically just use the phone for email. Several months ago, I pondered upgrading to the $14.99 / 150MB data plan but didn't pull the trigger and apparently that plan no longer exists.

However, when I look at my upgrade options today, there's now a $10.00 / 75MB option. Seriously, one penny for three times the data? Thanks for letting me know Verizon! That sounds like a practically free giveaway, but when I go to checkout with the new option it says the following:

75MB Data & Web with Mobile Email - $10.00

General IP Address is removed $0.00
This conflicts with 75MB Data & Web with Mobile Email.
HTML Internet Access is removed $0.00
This conflicts with 75MB Data & Web with Mobile Email.
25 MB Data & Web with Mobile Email is removed $9.99

I'm not sure if giving up the general IP address and HTML internet access is a big deal. Are they bending people over a barrel to upgrade to 75MB data or is this really a non-issue?


  • I noticed the 150mb plan was removed from their plan list, but I havent seen a 75mb plan quite yet.
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    Hmmm, what good is a data plan without internet? Sounds weird. All I can say is thank God I have the old 450 nationwide connect or whatever it's called. I have unlimited data but a cap of 450 minutes. If I use 300 that's a lot for me, but I have gone over 1 gig of data many times using the DUN hack for my laptop. 150 megs seems so paltry...
  • I launched my new plan yesterday with the 75mb per month option, and everything works just the same as it did with the 25mb plan. So if you can I would change your plan options will this offer lasts.
  • I went ahead and did the upgrade. Everything seems normal.
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