How Ro Read Text Messages Out Loud.

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So recently my en-v touch broke, and both of the screens remain black constantly though I am still getting calls and texts, and it's been really annoying me that I can't read my texts. However it occurred to me that if I could figure out how to change the settings on my phone so that it reads texts out loud, then I wouldn't be constantly annoyed. So if anyone could walk me through how to change that setting that would be amazing! Keep in mind I can't see anything on either of the screens, so I guess it would be best if you could tell me which buttons to press in which order. Also I have it on the display theme Modern Retro. Thank you so much to anyone who can help!


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    Flip open to use keypad

    Push the "message" button, the left soft key, above the 3 and 4 number keys.

    Push the "2" button.

    Push "OK"

    Push "OK" again.

    Now you are in the text message screen for the most recent person/message who texted you. Push the "space" button to hear the voice reading. Text shorthand may sound strange or be spelled out. Example: "LOL" is actually read as "Laugh out loudly."

    Push the right or left arrows on the directional pad to select a different message from the same person selected. You can't read your own typed messages, and I couldn't get it to read any text sent with a picture message.

    Push "CLR" to go back to the person select screen.

    Push right or left to select another person's messages.

    Push "OK" again to open that person's messages. Then continue with the "space" button, and left or right to select the next message.

    Hope this helps!
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