Need help manuvering thru EnV touch in clone mode

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I need help! I believe my boyfriend has a hidden line/cloned number on his EnV touch. His MIN does not match his phone number. I recieved a text from him (i believe on accident) saying secret message detected...something about an email proxy and what looks like an ESN number??? etc....he of course played dumb grrrr. Im confident there is more to this story. I believe he is communicating with somone online or via text/call/chat. I have the phone in my possession and have accessed the secret menu and peeked around, but i really dont know where to look to see if there's data saved or where he's been or what he's been up too. This has been a challenge for me as i just randomly ran accross such interesting information by accident trying to search for a meaning for this weird text i recieve. Also sometimes when he texts me it'll have an " 0." at the end. Any information you could share on this topic with a girl who doesn't want to be taken advantage of would help so much. My gut tells me there's more, but i just need some guideance from some smart fellers like yourselves. Thanks! Agame333


  • I've read a lot about my phone and I've never read anything about a hidden line or cloned number. I really don't think that kind of technology is even possible with this phone due to Verizon not using SIM cards and no app would be available for this phone allowing the change. Even if he had two lines he'd have to call VZW and swap phone numbers to his ESN every time he changed numbers. It'd be easier to dump you. :)
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    Because carriers are now able to port numbers away from other carriers is why their is a MDN and MIN. The MDN is the number associated with you. The MIN is the number that is associated with the carrier. So when you go from carrier to carrier the MIN changes but not the MDN. So those being two different numbers is perfectly fine.

    As for the text. Some phones may have a signature attached that will show up on all text which could be the "0". However the issue with the text could be a one time error. It happens. Because text and voice are digitally translated through your phone, in the right instance it could have not translated correctly and sent you an error or some arbitrary gibberish. The digital translation is very quick and complex. Your phone is basically translating a complex algorithm from thousands of zeros and ones into a text or voice.

    It may be an issue with his phone or how your phone is receiving it. Based on what you said it doesn't sound like anything he could have done or trying to hide from that text you received. Which is good news for you. More substantial evidence would be needed to prove that theory.
  • You can have two line numbers associated with one phone. You would switch between the two under phone settings NAM select. All CDMA phones allow this I think.
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