Mobile Recovery and My Verizon apps are now available under Browse & Download.

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Just finished browsing the env touch app store and saw two new apps that are very useful and free. The first one is Mobile Recovery which tracks your phones gps coordinates in case it was lost and stolen! It can also remotely wipe your contact data and probaly has more features that i didnt really look into as of now. The second app is My Verizon. Instead of using the web browser version now we have a fully interactive app that works way better then the web version. Both work well so far without any problems. Try them out and post any new info.


  • I shall try them out. Amazing there are still apps being released for this phone, I though it was all but unsupported anymore. I know if I had the extra money I would upgrade to a snazzy new Android phone, but for now I'll stick with my buggy often resetting phone.
  • Moble Recovery works fine. Obviously you have to have location services on, so if you don't want a log of all your previous positions/locations stored (and potentially available to third parties per the TOS), you won't be able to use it. It was pretty close, but both times it saved my location it showed my phone as being at my neighbor's house. Location is general, not GPS accurate. The Alert Tone worked fine, even if the phone was silenced. I can see that feature being used more, like for a phone that's lost but you know it's somewhere in the house. The Lock feature worked fine, and requires entering your PIN to unlock it. I didn't try the Reset Phone feature, don't feel like losing all my stuffs.
  • just so everyone knows. I lost my phone when I was out kayaking. I got my replacement phone the next day (best service I have ever had) and I was able to get my number restored and what not. Recovery works, I went through everything a person can do and its beautiful. Now if you get a new phone and ask Verizon to reinstall them and download them back on your phone (ie a game or paid for app) if will cost you.
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