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if my crappy little env touch was to "accidentally" find its way under my tire what would happen


  • If you have the insurace I would think you would get a replacement. My Touch suffered from rapid deceleration onto my kitchen floor. Both LCD screens were cracked and unable to show anything, and the backlights were broken. I got another phone no problem. It was $90 I believe though, so there is that to think about. I got another Touch in the mail, but if they're no longer supported or available I guess you would get something similar, along the lines of another "feature" phone. I did this about a year ago or so, so I don't know what the supply of refurbished Touches is like now.
  • I was also warned about the enV touches running out by Verizon when I asked them about buying a refurbished one through them with insurance. You might end up with a crappy phone simply because it's the same price and they're out of enV Touches.

    For all the problems it has, it's still definitely the greatest non-smartphone that Verizon has ever offered. So I dunno if this "accident" is a good idea lol.
  • OH MY FRIGGIN GOD! this crappy P.O.S. phone is indestructable i've tried everything i've dove i a pool with it in my pocket, ive ran it over , and slamed it into several walls and the peice of s*** will not die
  • Ok... and?
  • Asurion was my insurance company and it only cost me $50. I blew it up when I went kayaking, dam water why do you have to be wet? Any who - they will send you a new one and if you think they will ever run out... nope won't happen. If Armageddon was on the doorstep and they didn't have one, they would prolly give you a Chocolate or something worse. They will never go up only down.
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