Pixels Per Inch

For those that already know. The iPhone is said the be "better" than the retina of our eyes with 329 ppi, but it has to be at least 18 inches from our eyes in order to be dense than our eyes. The enV Touch has a ppi of 200? 100? 250? It's 310. the enV touch can also be "considered" a retina display if its 19 inches from our eyes. Hm...does that mean all phones have retina displayed...answer is a yes/no , because it depends how far the screen is away from you. And for those that didn't know, apple is lying about the retina display. The most dense screen out in the market is the Nokia E6 with a ppi of 333.


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    enV Touch has THE highest resolution display among ALL Verizon non-smartphones. No other multimedia phone even comes close. 800x480 is a lot. I don't care how far it is from my eyes to be "retina", I can't see any pixelation at all. Only when I get it very close I can see some small blur effect from the anti-alias around the text, and that's only on the corners of the letters. And you know what, that's good enough for me.
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