Peeling Paint = Chrome Speakers?

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Hey guys,

I just got my enV Touch for really cheap, but the physical condition is horrible. I'll buy a cover for it and mask that, but the inside of it won't be covered, so the peeling paint on the speakers will be visible.

I scratched the paint off one side but couldn't get all of it. Should I try acetone? Would it erase it? Would it discolor other stuff? Hurt the speakers? Let me know if you guys have tried this.

Also would appreciate some advice on covers. I was gonna get a flexible gel cover. Should I?


  • Either a gel, or hard cover would be fine. I've had the same problem, and Acetone will help.
  • I actually colored it with a permanent marker, AND ordered two covers. Seems to work for a few days. I'll try covering the screen and speaker wholes and paint spraying it lol...that is, if I don't end up getting another one cause mine doesn't even work right.
  • I really liked my black Body Glove cover. It fit real tight, and made th phone easier to hold because of the added grip. When I got my extended battery I had to try the gel cover though. In all my searches, I could never find a hard cover to fit over the extended battery. I decided the gel cover was too cheap looking, so now my Env Touch just goes commando.
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