Screen keeps turning on its backlight

edited June 2011 in enV Touch General
It keeps turning on the backlight even when locked, even when it's on my desk without anyone touching it. I wouldn't care but it's actually eating up the battery really, really fast because of it, so it's pissing me off.

Worst of all the touch screen and the screen inside are the same LCD panel so I can't disconnect the touchscreen to see if it helps.

I've already set up external backlight on 7 seconds. It does turn off after 7 seconds. Then turns itself back on randomly a few seconds later.


  • Anyone? I really need help with this. If you can think of anything please let me know.
  • Luckily, I decided to look around on here, I gave away my enV touch well got rid of it when I got my windows phone, but my best guess is that the bottom of the touchscreen is pressing down on the buttons
  • I don't even want a touchscreen...anyway I can disable the external screen FOR GOOD? I'm happy with everything else, I hate touch screens anyway.
  • I have the same problem bro its annoying as hell
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