Can I disable the touch screen on the enV?

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welp, what can I say other than I hate this phone.

it randomly dials people, does stuff on its own and wastes its battery life while doing all this random crap.

I would like to switch to a different phone, but hey, I'm hella cheap and still getting a free ride on my parents family plan.

So I have deduced that just about all the problems with this phone stem from the touch screen. The cheap touch screen keeps getting random input from the crap in my pocket. On top of all this, the touch screen on my phone is very inaccurate.

tl:dr, has anyone figured out a way to disable the touchscreen on this phone?

also, if I can't disable it, what ways can I reduce the chances of it randomly dialing/launching random tasks?


  • As far as i know, you can't disable the touchscreen but I could be wrong.
  • Ripp the Touch Screen LCD portion off. I did that with my phone and it works Fine.. I hated HATED the touch screen on this phone.. why even have it?
    just use a flat screw driver or some thing thin and peal the screen off.. there are two layers of touch screen material

    Also the stuff that holds the touch screen together is a sticky mess
    you should use atomotive bug remover to clean it off
  • I had a body glove case for my envtouch and never had any problems...recently my case broke, and now I'm experiencing these same problems F$#@$#%!!! don't rly want to splurge for another case but may have to, as I'm looking at keeping this phone and getting a tablet...
  • actually might get another one:

    $6.28 w/free shipping is worth it i think, as I rly never had problems when the case was working. Then again i never rly kept it in my pocket...always used the belt clip thing...
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