Peace PPl

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See ya. the env touch was a good fone. then it got old. i contributed alot of good stuff to this site and i feel this is a bad place to stop. my parents were to cheap to buy me a droid so i had to settle for the kin two. Ill check up on this site evry once and a while but thats it. peace and have fun


  • The phone was good for what it was. I don't want to spend the money and increase my monthly bill, but I really want something newer. I'm sure I'll cave before the year is over!
  • Good to have you here Doral. Enjoy your new phone.
  • i've been looking to upgrade for forever it seems...looks like it's gonna be the bionic. plan is to give my env touch to my gf. feeling a touch of guilt, as she would like something nicer/newer, but she'll be getting quite the upgrade over her env2.
  • and of course, thx for all the tips...i'm sure i'll be back from time to time
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