Xperia Play

I bid you all farwall, for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. As a avid gamer, this was perfect eye candy. But at the time of my upgrade, $200 was pretty hefty. Even with the recent price cut, $100 was a little steep. But I found an offer from Amazon Wireless. A brand-new, still in the box Xperia Play. Price? $.01 It was something thats just impossible to miss. I suggest you all take a look

I've had this phone for around 2 weeks now, and I love it. A extreme battery life, a full slide out gamepad, and an Evo-sized screen. The battery lasts 4-5 hours with just gaming, 30-31 with music, and an infinite amount of time on standby. The perfect phone for a gamer, or just anyone that wants a great phone, with a great price. I suggest that if you looking for a new phone, save the $100 and buy from Amazon Wireless.

Goodbye everyone, Ill still be popping my head in here every so often.


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