Choices... Choices

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I have had an EnV Touch for about 2 years now. I have been on VZW for about 4 years. I am a perfect customer. Never a missed payment, never had issues never anything wrong.

Right now I have the New Every Two Promotion as my contract expired about 4 months ago and being on the old calling plan (NationWide Connect plan) so my bill for me and my wife is really cheap. The new data packs just down right suck and the prices are worse.

My wife is happy with her Touch and being a guy - I-have-to-have-the-newest-toy on-the-block syndrome is kicking in kinda hard. I have to completely change over to a new contract in order to get a smart phone and this thing is just driving me nuts. On top of it all getting, a new phone means paying for a new one and I just got a replacement Touch not to long ago.

So I pose this dilemma, do I get a new phone and contract and try to convince my wife its better or do I suck it up and try to stick with this call dropping, screen freezing, POS?


  • BTW I was just poking throught he Verizon's on-line store and you can still buy the EnV Touch at a wooping $409.99 USD.
  • Same position and I just left VZN for TMobile. Lovin' my sidekick and oddly enough better data signal. A buddy I'm in school with gets signal less than I do and we're in the Navy so our schools are very anti cell phones. I loved VZN but I was ready for android and now both my wife and I have data phones for less than what I was paying VZN for regular phones. Yeah...not to mention there sere simply no phones to choice from with VZN. Candybar, Candybar, Candybar, or Candybar. You had the Pro or 3 but it's as badly designed as it's previous models.
  • I don't think I will leave Verizon even though it has crossed my mind. I have had issues with TM and ATT and Sprint's signal is a joke down here in Florida. Metro PCS is a waste of time so I am kinda stuck with VZW. But I will have to agree with you Aravena... their choice of phones is rather... lacking.
  • Fla? I'll agree on that. If I was still there I would have stayed with Verizon. I switched to VZN down there cause Tmobile wasn't great there but it's awesome up north and it's where I plan to stay.
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