Touch Screen broke, internal screen black. ##service can switch internal screen to the outer screen?

So basically, both my screens are pretty much broke, and until I get a new phone, it would be nice to be able to see my texts, and copy off my pictures and videos/contacts. (having problems with bitbim, cant fix via the service menu, cause the screens are useless. Heh)

I read a topic where someone tried to fool verizon by switching the internal screen to the outer screen. Could someone give me the EXACT steps on how this would be done, key by key, so I don't screw up my phone any worse?

(He said he typed in ##service , Then pressed 1, 1 then 2, and it would do just what I need but since I can't see anything, I am not going to risk it)

Anyone care to help? :p


There is the topic in question, actually.
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