hitting a brick wall while restoring phone

hello, so a while back i inherited a vx1100 and decided to tweak it capabilities; i was then pretty amazed to find you can play FLASH games with the ez-tip calculator with bitpim as most might already know -Unfortunately though, it held me at ver 7, nd i never go to update ver 8,( even after finding the replacement eztip calc file off of filefront i was not able to even through usb). i continued to use the phone for a while and regularly tethered it for internet on ubuntu; but soon it wouldn't work so i decided to do a full system restore. After powering it on, i tried *228 with no luck watsoever in it getting programed. Ofcourse it was time to call customer support.. Now, a while back i recall changing the four digit number security code to something other than the default last 4digs of phone#. In my opinion though, this is irrelevant because before i did the system restore the security pass code was 0000 and THAT opened the menu indefinitely.
Today i went to verizon and after about and hour of jerking around he said he couldn't get anything to push through it.
I realize this security code is suppose to be the last four digits of your phone # but now its not accepting anything.
If someone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Right now, at this point not having a phone sucks even though i was up for an upgrade... but any suggestions will help. Even the likes of a brute force attack or something may prove to be interesting.
thank you, as any input would be greatly helpful.


  • Let me also add that it can't detect anything from usb
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    I can help you with this. But it can get pretty technical so as long as you dont mind spending up to 1 hr reply and i will post instructions.
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