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I just got this phone a few days ago, and I find that it is an amazing phone, so much better than the Lg Voyager. My question has to with the ability to listen to music via a headset. Now I notice when I plug in my headset it says "This headset has no microphone, you will have ot unplug it before using the microphone in the phone." So I was wondering where could I buy a pair of headphone/mic for this phone? I know apple makes one, but is that only for the Iphone? Any help would be appreciated as to where I could acquire one of these.


  • I was wondering the same thing lol, I don't see why the apple brand wouldn't work but I could be wrong. While were on this subject, I was also wondering if its possible to use a splitter and have a sperate mic with headphones attached because I use my Touch as an mp3 player in my car and I have to unplug it every time someone calls for them to hear me, otherwise their voice just comes through my cars speakers, pretty much the way a bluetooth car stereo system works but without the mic.
  • you should be able to use any headphone/mic combo that uses the standard 3.5mm plug. somethink like the full metal jackets, from skullcandy, for example.
  • These originally came with my Samsung Juke and include a mic. They're great little earbuds and pretty cheap.
  • Those aren't compatible with the Touch. The Touch has a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Those are 2.5.
  • Ah, you're mistake
  • So Draconas does any set work? I just went to to check it out, and they had no stereo wired ones...
  • try the griffin tunebuds mobile. they work really well and sound quality is awesome!
  • Also was anyone able to find a pair that controls all functions; playback, pause, prev, next, etc?
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    The griffens looks nice, I might buy them, have you had any trouble with them? I was reading a review and it was talking about them shorting out or something.
  • i did have a slight problem since i bought them used on amazon, but Griffin has a one year warranty. they didnt even make me ship them back. all i had to do was take a photo of them destroyed and send it to them. then they sent me a brand new pair.
  • From what I understand if you're looking to get a good pair of mic'd earbuds for the touch, you're looking at spending a lot of money. Phones just started coming out with the 3.5 jack recently so not a lot of accessories have followed suit yet.
  • i bought this:

    as a backup when my bluetooth headphones run out of juice
  • I use the Motorola S9HD Blue Tooth headset and LOVE it!!! All music functions and a microphone. They are pricey but I got lucky. I had purchased a regular pair of S9's off of FleBay for $15... and sure enough, they didn't work. They woudld not take a charge. But I called Motorola and they said they would replace them under warranty. When the replacement set arrived, it was a brand spankin new set of S9HDs!
  • I got a pretty nice set off of amazon. They claimed to be for the iphone, but they were cheap enough so I decided to try them. They work good enough for me. I've been listening to mostly old school live stuff, so I'm not sure if the sound quality is great, but its definitely good enough for me. To summarize, I can see no reason that any iphone headphones would not work.
  • I saw someon mentioned the Skullcandy FMJ's above in this thread....

    Anyone know if the Skullcandy FMJs with the built in mic (the ones for the iPhone) will work with the enV Touch?
    Also wondering if they will be full function (playback, pause, prev, next, etc.)

    Any other mid-price headset (w/ mic) recommedations that are confirmed to work? (ex.: v-moda vibe duo, iphone headset, etc.)
  • I also use the Moto ROKR S9 Bluetooth headset and yes they're awesome. Play, pause, skip, back, and microphone...and when you get a call the song playing pauses, then resumes when call completes. I got it on ebay for $30 or 35 i believe a year or two ago.
  • i just use sony buds, works great...and also use portable speakers...sounds like a great jukebox.
  • I'm using the Jabra BT3030 Bluetooth Stereo Headset. It looks like a set of dogtags. The mike is built into the dogtag poart, which is on a chain but v=can also be clipped on. The nicest thing is the earphones plug into a standard headphone jack so you can use any earphone or headphones you like with the unit. Overall I've found the sound quality pretty decent. I particularly like listening audiobooksor music and if a call comes in, it pauses the track until the call is completed and resumes right where you left off. It's hands down the best bluetooth device I've ever purchased.
  • I bought this one as well, its worth it for the microphone alone!
    Lets hope it actually makes it here...
  • whats up thegtiguy....?
  • I wonder if this could be a solution
  • That is essentially what I bought. I linked to it in my above post. I just got a shipping confirmation so I will give feedback once I use it.
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