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I ordered USB Data cables from When I use them with the ac charger that came with the phone, my touch tells me that this cable is not recommended. I can see how the chargers themselves being different may cause issues but the cable? They are Motorola cables and work to connect to my PC just fine. Opinions?


  • So funny because the cable that actually came with the phone is telling me the same thing. In my opinion i think the cable and the phone should be fine.
  • ...according to the USB R2.0 spec (Open Mobile Terminal Platform Common Charging and local data connectivity) , when a handset plugs into a USB port it attempts to enumerate the devices on the chain - if there is no response (meaning the charging device is a dumb wallcube or the cable used has no data lines inside it), the handset is potentially current limited (like a trickle-charge). If there is a response, the handset can draw up to 900mA during the charge cycle...

    Makes me wonder if they (LG SW guys) are checking impedance on the wire-pairs and reporting a canned message based on the results... Also depending upon the batteries characteristics, they may want to limit current to the device...
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    My original cable worked fine. I needed to trim down the micro end slightly because it was too large to fit in the opening of the body glove case. As I trimmed down the plastic part of the micro connector end, part of the integral metal shield was exposed. No harm done, everything still worked fine. Being anal, as I can be at times, I found this replacement cable and ordered 2 ($2.23 each shipped), a great price!

    Notice that the vendor claims that these are "New Genuine Original Equipment LG USB Sync Data Cable for your LG phone". The numbers on the cable tag are identical to the cable that was shipped with my phone and the molded micro end of the cable has a "B" on it, just like the original. If I have any problems with the cable or the vendor, I will post a follow up message.

    Edited to add 9/14/09:

    I got 2 of these cables today. The cables I got were not as pictured in the original link. The cables I got came in a bag marked SGDY0013701. When plugged into the phone a message comes up saying "This cable is not recommended for this phone." It looks like the original cable, but it does not have the tag marked LG DLC-100 affixed to it like my original.

    The link no longer works as it did originally. I suspect that this cable is for an earlier generation LG phone and was substituted for the cable I really wanted.

    Too bad, so sad.
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